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  1. What's the #MRX Forecast for 2018?

    The Market Research Forecast for 2018

    The following blog post was written by Mark Dengler, President & Owner of RMS. One of today’s popular business approaches is known as “agile management.” Under this business method there is a keen focus on short development cycles, continuous improvement, product scope flexibility and work team input. RMS continues to see our clients looking for Read more

  2. Our Best Blogs of 2017

    Do Your Research: Our Best Market Research Blogs of 2017

    The following blog post was written by Maggy Stewart, Graphic Designer & Marketing Coordinator at RMS. As we head into the new year, there couldn’t be a better time to look back at the market research trends and methods that shaped 2017. Our most popular articles of the year covered a variety of useful information, Read more

  3. Using Demographic Segmentation in Branding Strategy

    The following post was written by Josh Elander, Research Associate at RMS. Whether or not we’re aware of it, we’re always segmenting the people we encounter; how old they are, what kind of house or car they own, and whether or not they’re raising a family. The idea of using this kind of segmentation has Read more

  4. what type of research?

    Integrating Primary Research with Secondary Research

    The following blog post was written by Josh Elander, Research Associate at RMS. Data is everywhere these days. It’s nearly impossible not to encounter at least one form of it in the business world on a regular basis, whether you’re a client or market research supplier. But not all data is created equal – primary Read more

  5. Selling Central New York as a National Test Market

    Central New York has long been revered as a great market for product and concept testing. You may have caught our previous blog post about the topic, where we discussed the market characteristics that make the city of Syracuse an ideal test market. We noted how Syracuse has a similar demographic composition to the United Read more

  6. How Market Research Can Help Address Higher Education Enrollment Challenges

    American colleges and universities are facing a challenge of demographics. We are now in a period where there is and will continue to be a dip in the number of traditional college age students (age 18 to 24). According to trends and projections measured by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, the number of Read more

  7. The Bunker Ad Critic 2: We’re Not Gonna Take It

    Last year, I wrote a post called the Bunker Ad Critic that took a light-hearted look at some TV commercials that I found a little baffling. The idea was to explore commercials that seemed annoying or even creepy then try to discern the strategy that led to them or, failing that, simply to make fun Read more

  8. Telling a Story With Map-Based Data

    A good market researcher will always try to organize a report in such a way that the data tells a story. That’s the main difference between presenting a client with insights rather than just a data dump. One of the most powerful graphic tools at the researcher’s disposal when it comes to making data come Read more

  9. Demographic Analysis Should Be Part of Your Site Selection Decision

    Imagine you were going to going to open a business. Let’s say it’s a coffee shop that will try to attract college students and hip, young professionals. There’s an available retail space in a neighborhood that appears to have a lot of the target customers in it and the building looks nice enough. Is it Read more

  10. Benefits and Concerns of Panels | Market Research Agency in Syracuse, NY

    Thinking about using a research panel in Syracuse NY, Central NY, or Upstate, NY? The Bunker lists out 5 benefits and 5 concerns to think about before you do.

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