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  1. The Bunker Ad Critic | Market Research for Advertising

    I’ve long believed that a lot of people who work in the broad range of marketing fields are frustrated, would-be advertising copywriters. I certainly am. When I was in graduate school, I envisioned myself moving on to an advertising career, being one of the people responsible for clever and funny television commercials. It didn’t quite Read more

  2. Products that Were Begging for Market Research – Part 2

    One of the most important objectives of market research is to develop new products and services that match what the market is looking for. Here are some products that could have put a little more effort into market research.

  3. Are You Ready for Some Research? | Market Research Viewpoints

    Bunker author Vance gives his viewpoints on the NFL and its sponsors. He talks about how market research drives decision-making that may go against common beliefs.

  4. A Question Subway Should Be Researching | Market Research in Upstate NY

    How successful can breakfast at Subway continue to be? The Bunker presents them with something they should be researching.

  5. Market Research in Syracuse NY | Case Study 1

    Case Study 1: RMS discusses our market research with a major hospital to assist them with their marketing and advertising efforts.

  6. Mystery Shopping & Secret Shopping Services | Syracuse, NY

    Looking for mystery shopping services in Central NY? RMS offers a full range of market research services including mystery shopping. This post discusses a little bit about how it works and why it is a growing trend in the industry.

  7. 400 is the Magic Number | Market Research in Central NY

    This Bunker Blog post discusses the reason why 400 completes is such a common theme in market research.

  8. Products That Were Begging for Market Research

    This post quickly overviews some major product launches that flopped once they hit the market – all of which could have been avoided with some timely and sound market research.

  9. How Vital is Benchmarking? | Market Research

    This blog post discusses the importance of doing benchmark research and the shortfalls that are generated without one.

  10. World Cup | Market Research Fuels Advertising

    Marketing giants such as Anheuser-Busch, Dunkin’ Donuts and Coca-Cola use marketing research to develop targeted advertising campaigns for the World Cup of soccer. This article is based on a June 11th article from the Boston Globe titled Corporate America Looking to Score authored by Johnny Diaz of the Globe Staff.

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