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  1. Market Research in Times of COVID-19

    Within the last few months of the COVID-19 virus impact, consumers and business owners, alike, have been faced with a rapidly changing world that has affected every aspect of their lives—market research included. With the addition of shelter-in-place orders, there is a noticeably positive shift in response rates for market researchers. The RMS team has Read more

  2. 5 Tips to Boost Your Mail Survey Response Rate

    Our team here at RMS constantly has some sort of mail survey in the field. In the last few weeks, we feel like we’ve begun quite a few more projects that include a mail survey component. Mail surveys can be a great way to solicit feedback from your customers. They are great for reaching audiences Read more

  3. The Importance of Pre-Testing Your Online Survey

    It goes without saying – some level of pre-testing is a must before launching a full-scale survey. Survey Sampling International (SSI) defines a pre-test as a questionnaire that is tested on a statistically small sample of respondents before a full-scale study.  The benefits of pre-testing cannot be overstated whether you go to the extent of a soft launch or Read more

  4. The Stat, the Myth, the Legend: The 100% Response Rate

    It’s often the most discussed variable before a market research study begins.  It’s often an unspoken goal of all market research studies in the industry.  It may be the single most rewarding statistic when it comes to survey projects.  It provides you with a 0% margin of error for your analysis (if your sample equals Read more

  5. 7 Questions to Consider Regarding Survey Response Rates

    At RMS, we are frequently asked by our clients what kind of response rate they can expect from their survey research, or after the fact, if the survey response they did receive was “good.” Usually, the most honest answer we can give to those questions is “It depends.” The truth is that survey response rates are Read more

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