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  1. Key Market Research Takeaways from Raving Fans | Part 1

    This is part 1 of a series which discusses key takeaways from Raving Fans and their implications on the market research industry.

  2. Four Customer Satisfaction Research Tips | Generating Actionable Feedback

    The main reason for conducting customer satisfaction research is to improve your customers’ overall experience with your organization.  It is imperative that the research process lends itself to helping management make informed changes that will ultimately advance the process.  The research should not only be used as a safeguard against issues that might arise, but Read more

  3. RMS Newsletter Article: Measuring Customer Experience

    This article is taken from the October 2011 edition of the RMS Newsletter. Customers have always been the backbone of any successful business. Therefore, it makes sense that a business should ensure its customers’ happiness. After all, happy customers supply repeat business, greater opportunities for cross and up-selling, word of mouth recommendations, as well as Read more

  4. Market Research as a Tool for Organizational Change

    When people think about market research, they often think of it in terms of an organization looking outside itself for insights into their customers or markets. That is a large part of it, but an often overlooked (and sometimes feared) application of market research involves turning the lens around and looking inside your own organization. Read more

  5. 4 Reasons To Choose Customer Satisfaction Surveys

    Customer satisfaction research is one of the most basic forms of market research.  It’s a course of research that virtually all businesses have considered, and in a lot of cases implemented.  Customer satisfaction surveying is a linchpin in process improvement, offers a portal to customer feedback, and is used to evaluate products and services.  Yet there are many Read more

  6. Build Customer Loyalty, Value and Retention Through Market Research

    The Bunker discusses customer loyalty and why you should measure it with market research. Satisfied customers are more loyal, they buy more frequently, they are less price sensitive, and they offer good word of mouth. If you choose to do any market research whatsoever, choose to at least measure your customer satisfaction.

  7. Strengthen Your Organization with Employee Surveys | Syracuse, NY

    Looking for some tips on topics to cover in your employee survey? Thinking about doing employee satisfaction surveys? You already see the value in it, so you’re on the right track. Here is a blog post on why you should use a third-party like RMS to administer it.

  8. Customer Satisfaction Hangs on a Phone Call | Syracuse NY

    This article gives an overview of the major impact telephone experiences has on customer satisfaction and how RMS detailed similar findings in other market research projects.

  9. The Value of Customer Satisfaction Research

    This article discusses the value of customer satisfaction research. Some of the most important value in customer satisfaction research is the survey tool you are using in itself. Asking your customers for feedback on you lets them know ‘you’re listening.’

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