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  1. Focus Group Facility Upstate NY | RMS QualiSight

    Is your business looking for a focus group facility in Upstate NY? RMS QualiSight has hosted a number of focus groups here at our facility in the past few months. Our focus group facility in Upstate NY is located in Baldwinsville, a suburb of Syracuse NY offering convenient access to major highways, hotels, and the Syracuse Hancock Read more

  2. RMS is Featured in The New York Times with ABC Creative Group

    Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) recently teamed up with ABC Creative Group in Syracuse and the Fireman’s Association of the State of New York (FASNY) to conduct market research to assist both groups with better volunteer recruiting for the organization.  Focus groups were customized to address the following objectives for ABC Creative and FASNY: (1) analyze Read more

  3. 5 Tips for New Focus Group Moderators | Market Research

    Good focus group moderators are not a dime a dozen.  The best ones have the keen ability to guide a group through different topics systematically yet thoroughly, all the while generating in-depth and exploratory feedback from participants.  It often takes years of practice to perfect, and focus group moderators constantly evolve their style and process Read more

  4. Focus Group Facility in Syracuse NY Adds FocusVision

    Are you looking for a focus group facility in Syracuse NY?  QualiSight is located just outside the heart of Syracuse, NY and is conveniently located in the town of Baldwinsville, NY – home of Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS). QualiSight offers our focus group clients a number of amenities including a private kitchen/conference room, a focus group Read more

  5. 5 Steps to Improve Participation in Qualitative Research

    There are many crucial aspects to a good qualitative research project, including the moderator’s guide, design of the participation packet, and even the report that is delivered afterwards.  But all of those pieces of the qualitative puzzle are insignificant unless you can actually get a fair number of participants to show up for the focus groups and/or interviews. Read more

  6. Focus Group Facility Upstate NY | Video Blog Post 2

    This is another RMS video blog post which speaks about our focus group facility in Upstate NY. QualiSight has been host to many clients all across the country from small businesses to large businesses. Our projects have ranged from package design testing, to taste testing, to concept testing, to a number of other customer and Read more

  7. Focus Group and Interviewing Facility Upstate NY

    This blog post discusses QualiSight, our focus group and interviewing facility in Upstate NY. QualiSight is a division of Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) located in Syracuse, NY.

  8. QualiSight | Focus Group Facility in Buffalo, NY Area

    Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) is a market research vendor in Upstate NY with an available focus group facility in the Buffalo, NY area.  QualiSight is located in Syracuse, on the fringe of Western NY.  The Syracuse market is very similar to the Buffalo market on a number of key demographics and market characteristics.  So, if you Read more

  9. 5 Benefits of Using Participation Packets for Focus Groups | Upstate NY

    Focus groups are designed as a creative and engaging way to hear feedback from a collection of people.  Having participants discuss topics in a group setting often leads to a more productive exchange of ideas than a traditional survey or a one-on-one conversation such as an IDI (In-Depth Interview).  We always talk about better engagement with Read more

  10. Focus Groups & IDIs: Rich Sources of Information | Market Research

    This blog post was written by our guest blogger Mark Dengler, Owner & President of RMS. Wouldn’t it be great if we could read our customers’ minds? Well, the next best thing is to conduct qualitative market research. Focus groups and In-depth Interviews (IDIs) open a window to help us gain detailed and in-depth information about Read more

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